Are You A ‘Lone’ Nut!


“What the hell is this bloke on about?” i can hear you saying!

Well. It’s all about Movement. Creating Movement. Encouraging Movement. Movement, Movement, Movement… Whilst attending my latest PL (Professional Learning) relating to Peer Coaching in ICT, which i’ll post about soon!!!!, we looked at creating movement. More so in our context, creating movement in ICT.

The facilitator of the Peer Coaching PL, Helen Otway, showed us a video from TED Talks. The video is by Derek Sivers who talks about creating movement in a great engaging 3 minute speech.

We were asked to reflect about this video. Were we ‘Lone Nuts’ in our Educational Setting. This made think,  “Am I a lone nut? Have I already been a lone nut? Am i no longer a lone nut? If i have been a lone nut, were to from here? If i am not anymore, in which direction do i head?”

Helen asked us to post on her Blog, which is linked above, our thoughts about being ‘Lone Nuts’. Here is my response:

“Lone nut… Are nuts ever alone? Usually they hang out in groups on a tree, or in a bowl at a party…

Am i a lone nut? Possibly. It is difficult to answer. There are days where i feel like i am a nut nobody likes, maybe a Hazelnut or a ‘Metal’ Nut that does not fit anything… “Here’s Corrie again rambling on about the something else ICT…”… Other days i feel like a Cashew or Almond covered in honey… Everybody wants a piece of me! “That’s such a great tool, how do i use that, can you show me?”

I think that it is through showing others that it is OK to be a lone nut. To stand up there and try different things. To lead from from the front. To lead by example. Shift and movement started long ago i feel at my College, it is though inspiring other lone nuts to get involved, to become part of that bowl of Mixed Salted, or unsalted nuts… Because together, greater change and movement can occur if all the other ‘lone nuts’ come together!

View Derek’s video below and see if you are a ‘Lone Nut’. Ask yourself, as we were asked, “Are we lone nuts or leaders or both?, And how can we inspire other Lone Nuts to be part of a movement!”…