The Great Egg Drop!

It is always great to see staff within your college or school utilising technology and making some attempt at embedding it in to the teaching and learning that is occurring. It’s just as great to see staff take it upon themselves to use technology and learn new things themselves through having a go at something that they in the past may not have been all that confident about.

Teaching year 9 can be difficult at the best of times, and teaching year 9 physics can be even more so! So it was great to see a particular year 9 physics class at my college fully engaged in the task that they were involved in through the use of ICT and the excellent hands on activity that they were completing.

The task, to save an egg from a 3m fall from the top of a school building! Students had a range of materials available to them to create a device which would stop the egg from cracking and making a mess everywhere! Students used their MacBooks to research effective methods of construction and held discussions with their teacher about the effects of gravity and how to minimise the impact of the egg when it hits the ground.

Now, for a staff member who is quite good with technology yet does not… entirely embrace it… displayed some outstanding skills when he created the two mini iMovie clips below! Both of which give excellent little insights in to his students work and what they created!