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My name is Corrie Barclay and I am the ICT Leading Teacher @ Manor Lakes P-12 College in Wyndham Vale, Victoria. I have been teaching for 10 years and have taught all year levels from Grade 1 through to Year 11. This is my 4th year in my role as ICT Leading Teacher and although the position in such a fast expanding College can be demanding, it is always rewarding. I have a very strong passion for ICT and I relish the role to assist other teachers and educators in implementing ICT in to their teaching and learning programs.

At our College we run a number of 1:1 programs and have heavily implemented 1:1 ipad Programs across a number of year levels.

Our College is located approx. 40km west of Melbourne. Manor Lakes is a brand new College only having opened in 2009 with 450 students, to 890 the following year, and to approx 1,660 students this year. Eventually, it is possible that we will become the largest College in the State of Victoria which means will will possibly have one of the largest collection of ICT Resources and allocations anywhere in Australia. We are projected to have close to 2,200 students at the completion of our college’s building progression.

I look forward to the challenge of improving the knowledge of our digital learners in the 21st Century and sharing my teaching practices and gained knowledge with other likeminded educators around the world.


  1. Hi Corrie,
    Your blog and the work at Manor Lakes both look fantastic, and I intend to visit regularly as a resource.
    I am trying to collect resources or information about BYOD in schools in Victoria, specifically policies about connecting home devices to networks and insurance. Any tips or sites you could send my way?

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