Developing an eLearning Strategy, Post #1

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The time is nigh…

After 3 years, or really 2 1/2, my College’s current eLearning Strategy is due to come to an end concluding this year. Due to this, we are now in the very detailed process of developing a new plan for the 2015 – 2017 period. A task that is somewhat tricky and very challenging.

To develop a plan that embodies all that you want it to be, to develop a plan that will be responsible for the way in which technology is integrated, embedded and used effectively throughout your educational setting is extremely important. This new eLearning plan will drive what we do in ways that encourage creativity, innovation and most all foster 21st Century Teaching and Learning Skills. Quite simple really… 

From our inauguration in 2009 we failed to have an ICT strategy in place that assisted us in driving the way our 1:1 programs were to support teaching and learning practice. During this time however I must add that the ways in which students were using devices and how teachers were using these to also engage and deliver content was second to none.

2012 then gave birth to our first eLearning / ICT Strategy, embedded below, that placed a major focus on device allocation and device allocation only. We did have at the time an eLearning plan however this had been developed more so to ‘tick a box’ rather than to be used as an actual ‘living document’. The main reason behind developing a strategy was due to student devices being under a leased co-contribution model and in the long term leasing for us and our setting was certainly not financially viable. The current strategy itself explains this somewhat.

MLP12C ICT Strategy 2012-14

So as mentioned, the time had/has come again to create a new strategy.

The process began by having an ‘eLearning Strategy Development Evening’ in which all major stakeholders were invited. This involved all PCT and Leading Teachers, all year level team leaders, representatives from Apple (as we are an Apple Distinguished School), school council and select parent representatives, hardware resellers of networking and audio visual gear, and last but not least several of our senior students. Now not all those who were invited were able to attend however those that did proved to be extremely valuable and assistive on the night.

Our Principal introduced the evening where he then handed over to myself who went through the keynote embedded below;

As you can see from the above presentation I had set the attendees to work asking them to answer questions which we felt would drive the development of our strategy.

From the gold old ‘think, pair, share’ we were able to ascertain a great amount of information that already has assisted me in developing a first draft of our strategy.

Once this strategy is complete, i’ll be happy to share and discuss it with you all. In saying this, this will be our strategy that we have developed for our setting that suits our learners and their needs. I can almost guarantee that it will also not be perfect, but again for us, and me being slightly OCD, it’ll be pretty close! 😉 I am also using to assist in this whole process research based information taken from documents such as;

Thus far I have decided to split our eLearning Strategy into 3 components, each with its own agenda yet when all 3 are intertwined will make a for a living, breathing, rich and relevant document that will not only guide but assist in continuing to build our profile as a leader in effective technology use and integration. Those 3 strands are;

  1. College / Teacher eLearning Integration Capabilities. This will focus on building staff skills to integrate technology effectively.
  2. P-12 Device Allocation Model. This will encompass specialist areas and dedicated needs to those areas.
  3. Teaching and Learning Support Technologies. This will focus on college A/V as well as other technologies that will aide and benefit student learning.

As this process moves forward i’ll continue to share this journey. By week 8 of term 3 we are wanting this to be completely finished, ratified, and began to be disseminated among staff, students and our wider community.

Watch this space!

Lastly, if you have any questions please contact me.

Thank you.


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  1. Hi Corrie,
    This is fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing it. I’m working on a similar document, but very much in isolation. I love your approach and I’m really glad that you’ve made your bits and bobs available. Can I ask, to what extent, if any, did you refer to the DEECD ICT School Planning templates? I’m working through them at the moment and find they’re raising some interesting goals and highlighting some glaring deficiencies but I’m interested to know if they are addressing the same sorts of goals as other people are working towards.
    Once again thanks so much for sharing.

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