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In my last post I mentioned that I would share several great examples of work that my year seven students had created. Work they have developed and constructed through being creative and innovative.

Now not to pick favourites at all, but I have selected 5 pieces that I am proud to share that give a great snapshot of what my students are capable of and being that these pieces were created early on in the year, I am positive that what continues to be created and shared only improves.

1. Digital Stories

The concept of Digital Stories was very new to my students and therefore I undertook (well, I had all our year 7 classes undertake) the creation of digital stories. This was a great way for students to show us what they were capable of in terms of using their devices yet also, and more importantly, give us as teachers a greater insight into the personal lives of these great young people! The Digital Story below is just one outstanding example of the many I received!

2. Genius Hour Project

Unlike the digital stories, which were just more slightly known to the students, the concept of Genius Hour was COMPLETELY foreign and both the students and I were breaking new ground! Overall, I think that I’d give our overall score out of ten a… 6… for doing this effectively. Perhaps next time I may need to be more explicit in what I am wanting from the students however for our first attempt… not bad! Below is a presentation made by Anthony who enjoys DubStep Music (it gives me a headache, but that’s showing my age), although who had little idea in how to ‘mix his own beats’… (I am not sure what that even means!). So as part of this project he learnt how to do exactly that and this video explains what he learnt well!

3. Ancient Civilisations

As part of our Inquiry Topic students in small groups were to collect information about an Ancient Civilisation, as part of a web quest, and present basic information on that civilisation. What I love about the video below is that the students involved were using note taking strategies, in this instance ‘skinny notes’, to summarise and rewrite information as they understood it. Then found the images to add as a backdrop to support their text and bam! Presentation completed!

4. Reading Homework.

As part of a homework Task Board, students were asked to record themselves reading with a major focus being placed upon ‘reading with expression’. I’ve found that just about all of my students, and myself included, dislike hearing the sound of their own voices, especially when reading aloud. This task asked student to read a short text and focus on being expressive when reading to engage the audience and below is just one of the great examples that were submitted.

5. ‘Laws and Rule’s at Manor Lakes!’

After investigating some of the more… let be honest and say ridiculous laws that exist throughout the world, students were asked to come up with 5 of their own laws that they felt would be just and fair at our College. I have to say there were a few that were quite… very inventful, and far fetched! :), however what one student developed below I feel are quite good! 🙂 Might have speak with the boss about implementing these!

My Laws


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