Back In The Trenches


Excited. Anxious. Stressed. Thrilled. Flat. Pumped. Frustrated. Inspired.

Just a select few words that have described the past 10 days, the first 10 days in fact, of 2014 for me professionally.

I knew that going back in to a classroom this year would be a challenge. Not because I had simply forgotten how to teach and  inspire and engage, but due to the workload that i knew would come my way and having that trepidation around not wanting to do either of my roles any injustice to what they deserve!

I think that i have learnt more in these past ten days about prioritising, being organised (which I am obsessive compulsive about anyway), and working against the clock than I ever have before. I have said all along from last year that the one thing that I wanted to ensure never happened was for my role as eLearning Coordinator to hinder in anyway the students that I teach, as they are, and always will be, the priority. In saying this I do not want to let the ball drop either in regards to my eLearning position. In a school of 215 staff, 1850 students, and with 10 out of 13 cohorts from P-12 running 1:1 programs, there is never a dull moment. Working across the college with teachers and students is great and makes what I do extremely worthwhile however it can be very tedious.

Thus far I have loved being back in a class. The 22 students I grade share my class with are an amazing bunch of young people, all of whom have their own wonderful personalities that enable our class to be truly diverse. They’re attentive, respond very well already to feedback and certainly have shown a want and desire to learn.

My teaching partner, Tegan, has been outstanding, as has the entire year 7 team I am part of. Great and committed staff who, like the students, all bring something different to the table which is what I feel an effective team needs. People who are not completely alike and perhaps may not always agree on the same thing can make for a stronger and more effective teaching team to be formed. As referenced in a previous blog post, Dan Gregory’s comment of “Diversity and collaboration is about making a group smarter collectively. Not about playing nicely.”, truly rings home and although we all get along extremely well, we also have that ability to say what we feel for the benefit of the students!

I am sure that this year will bring many a challenge, it already has in saying that, however for every challenge and frustration I encounter I am sure that I will also see all of my students at some stage feel success towards their learning that they have strived to achieve. It will be this that pushes all those challenging moments and and frustrating scenarios that may have arisen well and truly out of my mind!

It’s safe to say I am more than happy to be back in those trenches!


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