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Last night I finally got hold of all of my Early Years Teachers in one room and ran through some quick fire PL relating to Technology Integration happenings for 2014. In a college of my size it can be difficult to obtain access to a large cohort of staff so to be able to to get 30+ in one room to spread the word was great.

Only having an hour I wanted this to be informative yet practical and for these teachers to leave with at least 1 idea to take away and think about!

The embedded slideshare below basically covers the majority of what was discussed however i’ll elaborate a little further on a few of the key points that I shared.


Next year will see our Early Years sub school expand quite heavily in regards to our BYOD Framework and provisioning and this of course has it’s implications for our staff. Currently there will be approximately 17 1:1 iPad classes in years P, 1 and 2 with classes in years 3 and 4 having upwards of 8-10 MacBooks per class also. From all of this the need for effective PL to be ran for all of these staff is imperative to ensure that the technology available in these areas is being utilised where it is applicable to support student learning.

I ran staff through our newly developed ‘1:1 ipad Implementation Guide’ which is a 60+ page Multi Touch Book that contains policies, interactive keynote presentations and informative videos. This has been created for our college community including our staff, students and parents. Currently I am in the process of developing a similar document for our Seniors Technology Program and making that specific for our students in years 9 – 12.



I discussed in depth, during the time i could, about our two main models of technology integration. These being the well know SAMR Model developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura which is depicted below in a simple graphic.



The other Model that we will be focusing upon, and there will more information to come regarding this as it is still in its infancy, are our own College’s ‘5 Key technology Integration Capabilities’. These being:

  • Capture
  • Create
  • Communicate
  • Collaborate
  • Connect


The two hands on activities that were coordinated were focused upon looking at our newly developed iPad Application list for 2014. We have cut this back from 60-70 applications to a Core 20 that our students need to have to support their learning. From here i had all staff access a Google Doc which listed the core applications that students would have for 2014 and then list ways in which those applications could support the teaching and learning programs offered! See the screen shot below.


From here I aimed to make what we did next more personal and related to all staff, not just those in a 1:1 area. Through accessing a Padlet wall I had created, I asked staff to briefly list ways in which they had used technology in their teaching. Once this was completed staff were re-directed to the SAMR Model of Technology Integration and asked to audit what examples of technology integration were placed on the Padlet. To do this staff were asked to place an S, A, M or R next to each post detailing where they felt that particular use of technology lied on the SAMR model.

This was a challenging activity, but an activity that promoted a lot of discussion and nonetheless, that is what I was hoping for! 😉


After this was discussed, and discussed well amongst the staff may i add, I finished off with some parting thoughts, which i’ll leave you all with also… 🙂

When Integrating Technology Effectively, remember…

  • Good Teaching Comes First.
  • Technology Integration Is Not Difficult, It Is Fear That Gets In The Way.
  • Take A Risk. Try something New.
  • Let The Kids Lead The Way.



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