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Amber Kowatch

During the second week back of term 3, Thursday 25th July, my College, Manor Lakes P-12 College, will be hosting a wonder Professional Learning Opportunity open for all teachers and leaders in the Victorian South West Area.

The speaker for this event will be Amber Kowatch who hails from the United States and is an ‘ISTE Outstanding Technology Teacher of the Year” as well as a recipient of ‘MACUL (Michigan’s ISTE Affiliate) Outstanding PreK-12 Technology-using Teacher of the Year’.

As per the flyer attached below;

“Amber Kowatch is an outstanding primary teacher, technology coach and presenter. Amber’s firsthand experience utilizing iPads and other technology in her own classroom has been documented in the award winning film titled “Look! I’m Learning!” She has provided professional development for her district as well as for many other school districts. Amber is the author of Making Best Use of iPads and Other Cutting-Edge Technology in Grades K-2. Participants leave Ambers’ presentations inspired by her enthusiasm for teaching and equipped with numerous new ideas for making effective use of iPads and other cutting-edge technology in their primary classrooms.”

“This session will highlight how “Look! I’m Learning!” began. It will give details as to how the iPad pilot program in Ludington, Michigan got started and the success that soon followed. It will highlight the many incredible ways that the iPad changed the classroom environment as well as showcase the bond initiative that allowed the entire community to share in its success. This session will be ideal for administrators, School Council members, and educators that are interested in hearing about how to the program started and what led to its success.

“Following a thirty minute break for refreshments Amber will share more practical examples of how the iPad supports learning and home/school communication. Opportunity will be provided throughout the session for participants to ask questions.”

If, like myself, you are keen on hearing Amber’s journey please download the Flyer and register for what will be a great learning experience.

Amber Kowatch Flyer – MLP12C 250713



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