Apple Leadership & Learning Event 2013

This morning I attended the Apple Leadership and Learning Event held at the Bastow Institute for Education Leadership in Nth Melbourne. The day was designed to work with Educational Leaders to a degree in utilising Apple Technology knowing that those in leadership positions are responsible for transforming teaching and learning.

The morning involved a panel discussion with 3 very knowledgeable Principals, all of whom were involved in some stage of Apple/1:1/BYOD roll out in their settings. One of these Prin’s being my own.

It was great to hear from all, however especially great to hear from Meena Marchbank (Cambridge PS) and Charles Branciforte (Keilor Views PS) and what they had to say which was reaffirming from my own College’s point of view. Each Principal gave an account of their setting, shared at what stage they were at in relation to technology integration and dove in to this in slightly more detail. Once this had been completed there was time for a Q & A session and for those in the audience to ask questions that were of course on their mind. And some great questions were asked!

From here Simon Shaw and Adam Brice went through a plethora of teaching and learning ideas with a heavy emphasis on several great applications to support learning but also how to use these to have students demonstrate learning outcomes taken from the Australian Curriculum. Applications such as;

  • Explain Everything
  • Frog Dissection
  • ROMA
  • Shakespeare in Bits: Romeo and Juliet
  • Motion Math HD
  • Showbie (Not officially demonstrated however Adam mentioned to me that this is a riper app!).

After a quick break and a check that i had not received a parking ticket, it was my turn to present the basics of what we do at our College and some of the pedagogy and philosophical concepts that drive what we do. Now being a fan of Haiku Deck, i quickly created one of these and have embedded it below for your viewing pleasure.

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad

Overall, it was a great little morning that appeared to have many attendees thinking about their schools vision and path for the future. Something i’d like to keep an eye on!

If you have any questions about the above please feel free to contact me via the ‘About Me’ page located on this blog.


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