ICTEV 2013

It was magnificent and yet again another day that showcased some of the best educators going around sharing their stories and teaching methodologies with the conference delegates, and thanks to social media, the world! Or so I heard…

Due to circumstances out of my control i was unable to attend the annual ICTEV conference which i need to say pained me, and still does. There are few professional learning opportunities like ICTEV that tick so many boxes, for me personally, to make it a unique experience to attend and be part of.

The tweets that were coming through thick and fast for the entirety of the day were overwhelming. I eventually got to the point where i had to leave my phone at home so as to not be checking every 3 minutes which was resulting in glares of a “pick your phone up one more time, i dare you…”  nature from my wife. 😉


If you, like me, missed the day, and you’re on Twitter, search for the #ICTEV13 hashtag and retrace the excellent knowledge that was being shared throughout the day.

Lastly, to those who had selected to see me present on the day, i am greatly sorry for my absence, however, i have added a link to my presentation below. It is quite a media rich file causing the file itself to be large. Being a Multi Touch Book developed iBook Author, i have included the actual iBook File as well as a PDF version.

PDF: ‘Appy days – iPad applications to support teaching and promote learning’ – ICTEV 2013

iBook Dropbox Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b4j9ck1oni6l5r0/ICTEV%202013.ibooks




  1. Hey Corrie,

    Was really looking forward to catching up with you at ICTEV13 but can well understand how life sometimes has a way of altering even the best laid of plans. If it’s any consolation I’ve just had a quick skim through your presso and was most impressed as usual not only for the content but also for the thinking behind it. Hopefully the “full house” crowd that had signed up for your session will be able to access the link, (as well as the others who were looking to sign up for your session but missed out). If it’s any consolation your name came up in a number of conversations with lots of folk expressing disappointment that you had, through no fault of your own, be other than at Melb Grammar. Ah well there’s always the next conference 🙂

    Oh and BTW your work colleagues from Manor Lakes did a great job too, must be your leadership rubbing off some huh? 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing Corrie. Some fantastic apps and the desctiptions and ideas are really helpful.

    Sarah (@Sar_A_M)

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