Indonesian Minecraft!


During our recent School Improvement Team meeting, our first meeting, we discussed the many ways that staff were already integrating technology in to their teaching and learning programs. One such way that was brought up and discussed was the integration of Minecraft in to the classroom! The old adage of “if you cannot beat them, join them!”

One of our marvellous specialist teachers, Yati, has integrated the use of iPad devices, and Minecraft in particular, into her teaching program to engage her students through both effective technology integration but also by giving them a space in which to represent their learning in a way that is;

  • creative,
  • open-ended,
  • promotes higher order thinking
  • and differentiates for her students at varying levels of understanding towards her subject area
Below i have included several examples of student work. Students were asked to created and build different designs for example after explicitly learning about Indonesian temples and building design, students then had to construct their own building within Minecraft either from an image given or from their own imagination. Students were also given choice to build structures of their interest, with a focus being placed on the Indonesian Language relating specifically to what was constructed! You can see several of these examples below in the embedded presentation.


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