#ADE Institute 2013 – Part 3


“Challenge Based Learning is an engaging multidisciplinary approach to teaching and learning that encourages students to leverage the technology they use in their daily lives to solve real-world problems through efforts in their homes, schools and communities.” – challengebasedlearning.org

Challenge Based Learning.

Something most of us would be familiar with i would think. Something that is a very powerful tool that is aimed at developing the 21st Century Skills of our students.

I have had some absolute amazing success with CBL in the classroom and is something that i’ll be pushing hard/er at my College, especially after attending the ADE Institute.

During the ADE week that was, I was fortunate enough to hear Adam Brice from Apple speak about the inner workings of CBL and as he is the foremost expert, it was great to gain his insight in to CBL. I also have been fortunate enough to witness Adam first hand at his previous setting and see his students actively engaged in their learning whilst involved in a CBL approach. One word = inspiring. 

The biggest thing I felt that that was both mentioned and that i have had personal experience with is that the CBL approach fosters an emotional connection to what is being learnt. It’s one thing for kids to be engaged in a task or unit, but for them to be able to develop a connection emotionally, that is authentic, rich and purposeful  and truly immerses kids in the learning.

As mentioned i have had some wonderful experiences through CBL with classes that i have been involved with. To see students, even those who are disengaged, connect, collaborate and create all for a common purpose is an amazing thing!

I have without doubt had the greatest teaching experiences that i have ever had through being involved in the teaching and learning of CBL units. Students whom i thought would never engage with ANYTHING i did were immersed and not just on task, on task for a purpose. A purpose that they had created and determined! In the not to distant future, i’ll be sure to share these units in much more depth.

For more detailed and informative information on Challenge Based Learning, head to the challengebasedlearning.org website that has an absolute plethora of information and evidence based research to walk you through the ins and outs!

Also, watch the CBL video below which i think may be a tad outdated, but still relevant! 



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