Penguin Teacher Academy 2013

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of presenting a Professional Learning day for the Penguins Teachers Academy teachers at Penguin HQ in Melbourne. The focus for the day being ‘Integrating ICT within Primary Literacy’

Firstly i must thank Penguin for asking me to present for the day which was a great experience. The professionalism and set up was outstanding! Secondly, thank you also to those who attended yesterday. Your questions and conversations throughout the day caused for some excellent discussions to take place which certainly caused for additional content to be covered and talked about!

Without going in to a whole plethora of details I have embedded some of what i had covered yesterday below for your perusal and download.

Penguin have, and are, running a number of excellent professional learning opportunities based upon everything around literacy and teaching! The goal that has been derived form the development of the P.T.A. is – “To provide teachers, librarians and educational support staff with valuable professional learning, relevant and topical in your libraries and classrooms. Professional learning that can inform teaching and learning practices, complete with resources to take away and use immediately.” What more could you ask for? 😉

For more information on what Professional Learning The P.T.A. offers, head here: Penguin Teachers Academy

As mentioned above, I have included several of my resources that I shared yesterday.

Below is my introductory Keynote Presentation which covers three basic component: Digital Learners, ICT and the Aus. Curriculum, and being a Responsible Digital Citizen.


Here is a PDF version of my iBook based on ICT Resources for Literacy in the Primary Years.

ICT for Primary Literacy

Here i have embedded a presentation that i did for the Strategic Partnership Program  as I demonstrated and discussed several components of this focusing heavily on the SMAR model that we adopt at my College.

Once again it was a great opportunity and a privilege to be able to share my thoughts, ideas and ed-tech beliefs with other teachers and educators!



  1. We had a really great day of learning thanks and have loved planning this week in preparation for exciting classes -reported back to our staff and students with a video clip. – actually blew ourselves up with action movie at end. Very impressive.
    Year 2,5 &6 students have already started reading their fiction books so as they can create reviews via ‘aurasma’
    Thanks for a very productive day of fun. Robyn

  2. Hi Robyn. That is fantastic to hear and i hope all is going well! Sounds like you’ve jumped straight in to it and that is great! Please keep me posted as to how it all goes! 🙂

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