Kicking Goals in 2013…

What does 2013 hold professionally? What are my goals, priorities, needs and wants?

In the past it’s never been an issue for me to know the answers to the above, it is the execution that i have battled with. No through lack of trying or want i feel, i’ll simply put it down to not perhaps prioritising the specifics of what i want to achieve and then simply putting the wheels in motion. In saying this, one goal for this year will certainly be to not procrastinate on any of the following! Below are eight statements/goals (10 was to many!!!)  that i will aim  and strive to abide by throughout the course of the year. So here we go;

1. Listen more, talk less. I think it’s important to step back listen to your colleagues and PLN. Get their thoughts and feelings on particular topics and issues that arise.

2. Presume less, inquire more. I need to ask more questions about the things that i feel are important. About the things that will improve me as an educator, but also improve the capacity of those educators within and out of my setting.

3. See the Glass as half full (More Often), not half empty. Times can be stressful, stress can cause negativity and this can lead to a pessimistic approach towards the work that  is to be done. I generally pride myself on my ability to be such an optimistic guy, however when the time comes, and it will come, to squash any negativity that does arrive i need to be prepared and have the tools in place to be able to do so.

4. Learn more, teach more. A large part of my role is assisting staff in technology integration. This is a wonderful part of my role and i am determined to place even a greater focus towards this throughout the year. Working with staff both formally and informally is extremely rewarding and seeing the results first hand from what students achieve in their classrooms is fantastic!

5. Focus on teaching, less on administration. Towards the end of 2012 i found myself constantly under the pump with administration type duties. All of which had to be done and were important parts of what i do however i noticed that my teaching suffered. The emphasis that i was placing on being a great teacher wained, something i do not want to happen. Again. Ever. Which then leads me to…

6. Be efficient, delegate more. The old theory of wanting things done right and having to do them myself is certainly one area professionally i need to move away from. I need to place a greater trust in those around me and delegate specific roles to others, especially students, to assist me in becoming more efficient at those roles and responsibilities that i am solely responsible for.

7. More fun, stress less. The outstanding thing about teaching, and the role that i am in is that the room i have to move to be innovative and trial new things is extremely large! The fact that i can, and often do, use the kids and classes i deal with as, for lack of better wording, Guinea Pigs, is extremely fun and rewarding! Using new technology and tools to support teaching and learning programs is great fun and certainly something i want to continue. This year, having a larger teaching load that involves Physical Education, i am certainly looking for way to integrate technology in to Physical Education in a transformative way!

8. Lead more, follow more. I feel as though i have developed great leadership qualities, partly due to the leaders i have had access to and their behaviour that has been modelled. I am a firm believer in leading by example and for me to do this better throughout the course of this year i feel i need learn more from these people by having those professional discussions. I also feel i need to gain a greater understanding of what my leadership style maybe and how best to adopt it to my setting and me personally.

And there we have it. I think that there’s more than enough there for to keep me on my toes for the year that lies ahead! So in seeing the glass half full, i am sure that what i have mentioned will come to fruition and that 2013 is a year that yields much happiness, productivity and growth!


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  1. You have put into words the ideas I have been playing with over the last few weeks. A great list of priorities. My focus this year is on being mindful – listen more and inquire more are two biggies that I will be working on. Number 5 – less time on admin and more in the classrooms where it really matters – is another one that resonates. It is so easy to get caught up in the admin. One thing I have started doing is just picking one or two essential things that are must do’s for the day. Everything else can wait if it doesn’t get done. I’m not sure how successful it is going to be yet.

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