DEECD SPP All Networks Meeting

Not too many venues better than the State Library!

Today I had the pleasure to speak at the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s (DEECD) Strategic Partnership’s Program All Networks Meeting at the State Library of Victoria! That’s a mouthful.

Until recently after I had never heard of the SPP and what was involved with this network. After attending their meeting today I must admit I was left wondering “how on earth do educational settings such as my own NOT know about this?”.

In brief, and I am sure that I will not do it justice, the SPP involves a wide array of State Based organisations who, under the ever watchful eye of DEECD and the Victorian State Government, liaise and collaborate to develop educational based programs. These programs are aimed at promoting student learning outcomes that are focused towards their own setting. DEECD chip in with funding for these setting to assist them in running engaging, efficient and rich learning programs. It will make even more sense now when I tell you that these organisations are places such as;

  • Sovereign Hill
  • State Library of Victoria
  • The National Gallery of Victoria
  • Science Works
  • The Melbourne Zoo


From the words of DEECD – Five networks have been established during the triennium 2009-11 to provide information to organisations and associations on current government policy and initiatives. The networks also enable the sharing of ideas and the work of organisations and associations and promote the development of collaborative partnerships and implementation of innovative programs for schools, students and teachers.”

The ‘Welcoming’!

Earlier this year my setting had developed a close bond with Sovereign Hill in Ballarat that strongly involved the use of mobile technology to enhance both the learning of our students and the programs being coordinated at that setting. The outcomes of that partnership, which I hope are ongoing, led me to today where I had that pleasure of speaking to the partners involved. For more information on that partnership please visit: http://ipads4learning.global2.vic.edu.au/2012/09/18/sovereign-hill-ipad-excursion/

I was asked to share our technology journey as well as some of the pedagogy behind how we use the technology to support our students learning. I was to do this following Mr. Michael Phillips, the Principal from Ringwood Secondary College, who are also very very well know for their own way of integrating technology to support learning. I was very pleased to hear what Michael and one of his teachers, Simone, had to say about their own journey, where they were currently at and where they were headed. At the same time as hearing their presentation I was also beginning to worry ever so slightly as everything both Michael and Simone were saying, was in fact the entire basis for my own presentation!

Michael Phillips, RSC Principal Presenting

What I soon very quickly realised was just how similar our two settings were and that it was fantastic that we were discussing similar things. As they say, GREAT minds think alike.

My presentation is embedded below and you’ll soon see after viewing it that it is a short, sharp and to the point reflection of the way technology is integrated at our setting. Below this you wil aslo find that of Michael and Simone’s presentation with some great examples and snapshots of student work.

The highlights from days like to day are many, such as the networking that can occur and be developed and the programs and partnerships that can be be put in place. What i absolutely love though is the fact that when you are speaking to such a diverse range of people from a diverse range of organisations, everyone of them has nothing but improving student learning outcomes in mind through the rich educational experiences that they offer.

It would be highly beneficial for such a network of organisations such as the SPP, through greater support from DEECD, to be able to share and promote what they are all doing in relation to the programs that they are running. To have one site that links all these places where schools can visit, ask questions, post ideas, upload resources, etc would be a very powerful thing.
I would like to thank Gina Panebianco and Linda Sproul from the NGV for their welcoming nature and assistance this morning along with Hamish Curry and Cam Hocking, who after following on Twitter for some time now finally got to meet face to face!
It’d be great to continue to have something, although i am not sure what, to do with future SPP meetings as their work and what they do is certainly very worthwhile. At the end of the day, we’re in it for the same thing, to provide quality education!



  1. Great post Corrie – hot off the press! Agree that we (SPP) sit around and lament how we can best reach and serve schools, students and teachers, and the same is said on the other side of the fence. Solution: burn the fence to the ground and start to share our experiences as neighbours. I think your work today made everyone take notice for the potential in connecting with the education happening schools in new ways.

  2. Hi Corrie,
    I’m glad you found it an interesting experience to attend the SPP meeting. It is a shame that more schools aren’t aware of the SPP and it’s educational aims. But I’m sure most schools have used the organisations’ services whether they were aware of it or not!
    I had hoped to listen to your presentation on Collaborate, but was teaching at the time. So thanks for sharing it here.
    I hope we can keep working together.

  3. Hi Corrie,
    Isn’t it great to meet Twitter friends face to face? I met @rgestuizen and @sciencematters at STAVCON today, together with John Pearce, although I missed Clare and Donna’s presentation. The reason for my comment is that I agree it would be a great move to have all these wonderful partnerships accessible in one place (Is that something the Ultranet was going to do?).
    The Melbourne Museum (Priscilla Graff), Parks Victoria (David Ponsford) and Ecolinc (Suzanne) also have terrific learning resources using technology, including iPads.
    I hope we can catch up sometime, Best Regards, Britt Gow

  4. A great write-up, Corrie. The energy of the SPP members today, together with the huge amount that they have to offer in terms of taking learning beyond the architectural space of the classroom, made the whole experience worthwhile. I found your Sovereign Hill Project incredibly interesting – certainly has given me something to think about!

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