The Cost of Technology and Learning

Where do i start?

We all want the best for the kids we teach. That’s a given. We want them to have access to the best facilities and teachers and the best technology that supports their learning.

In relation to the technology, how do we ensure that we can get a device in all hands of the students at a cost that is both workable and realistic?

Over the past several years we have undergone a 1:1 MacBook program via a leased option, which has proved in no uncertain terms to be the bain of all our lives. Perhaps we’re doing it wrong? Perhaps our agreements are not what they should be. However. We do know, and know well, that it is unfeasible for us as a College to run a 1:1 Leased program as well as it being not entirely cost effective for the families involved. Ongoing issues of damages and dare i say leasing costs is proving to be a major player in causing some divide between the parent fraternity and the school. In saying this, if not leasing, then what? Is a school wide approach to BYOD the answer? Should we purchase all of our technology and make this an ongoing thing until we can kit out most of our students with their own device? Do we head old school and go back to having teachers booking their classes in to labs?

Whatever we do, we need to find common ground among the college and the community that best suits both parties. We cannot make everyone happy and no matter what we do there will always be disgruntled people about. However, when we’re talking about ensuring kids have access to a 1:1 divice to enable anywhere anytime learning, then we must work together. We want the technology to be accessible and a tool to assist student learning and to compliment the teaching.

Next week i hope to ask our parent community to participate in an online survey to assist us in developing the best ICT strategy that we can that has one common focus in mind, the students.

This has been very much a rambling however it’s been a tough week when trying to decide which path you take in relation to tech integration!



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