Film Making Comps 4 Kids!

Below I have listed links to 2 excellent Film Competitions that students can be involved in. If you’re after a great way to integrate ICT into your class, whilst having the students discover more about particular topics, especially in relation to the ‘Getyaheadright’ competition, then this is a great way to go about it!

After having spent an entire semester teaching both year 9 and year 10 Multimedia classes, the benefits that can be had from showing students how to plan, film, produce and edit a film is outstanding. This is such as great way to integrate other areas of the curriculum through teaching students about film making and the process associated with it!

The ACMi (Australian Centre for Moving Image) website, and in particular their ACMI Generator Site, which is amazing for resources relating to film production and ICT integration, is certainly a great place to get started!


1. Get Ya Head Right!  – http://www.getyaheadright.com/

Themes: Bullying/Cyber bullying, peer pressure and alcohol, forgiveness.

Entries due September!

2. Screen It (ACMI) – http://www.acmi.net.au/screenit.aspx

A national moving image competition for primary and secondary school students, Screen It is designed to encourage and foster the next generation of young moving image makers!


Entries Due September!




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