2012 Grampians Region Principal Conf.

Yesterday I had the outstanding opportunity of presenting at the 2012 Grampians Principal’s Conference in Lorne, Victoria. This conference for the principals of the numerous schools and colleges, approx. 128 government schools within that region, is the highlight of their Professional Learning Calendar and gives all Prin’s who attend the opportunity to network and converse about all things education.

The theme of the conference was tagged ‘Connecting Communities’ and four underpinning goals had been created for the participants of the conference. These were:

1. Explore the opportunities and build understanding of how school improvement can be achieved in an autonomous environment through learning, collaboration and partnerships.

2. Highlight the role of instructional leadership in creating opportunities that Connect Communities – within schools, across schools and beyond schools.

3. Build understanding and explore the opportunities that technology provides including in a blended learning environment to Connect Communities.

4. Provide opportunities for principals and Grampians region leaders to network and collaborate in an learning environment.

Having been asked by my own Principal if i’d like the opportunity to attend and present i of course said ‘yep, why not’, hence one thing leading to another and there i was!

The abstract for my presentation read as follows;

How does a school/college create a culture of learning amongst its students as well as it’s staff? We will discuss what we have done as a college to foster a community of learners through the following;

–       Establishing positive classroom environments,

–       Catering for differentiated learning,

–       And, through implementing effective professional learning practices for staff

Being a college that places a great focus on ICT integration, there will also be an ICT component to this presentation.

As the grand majority of presentation revolve around the use of ICT here at manor Lakes, it was great to share our story on topics and areas of our college that were somewhat a little separated to the ICT waffling i usually give!

Below i have embedded the presentation that i gave, which is in Prezi format. Perhaps not the greatest Prezi i have ever created, it is a little ‘busy’, but to the point!

For any of those Principals that attended, and to also Anne Robertson who coordinated the conference, thank you ever so much for your positive feedback and great and kind words during and after the presentations. All greatly appreciated.



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