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2 weeks ago i attended the second VITTA Emerging Technologies workshop which focused upon Mobile Technologies for learning. Obviously there has been quite a large trend in recent years with schools and colleges moving towards mobile technology as a means of assisting students with their learning. The introduction of QR Codes and the like has assisted a radical shift in the way students go about their learning, and more so, the way that teachers teach.

The session was ran by Cecilie Murray whose extensive knowledge in this area was extremely valuable and worthwhile. Cecilie is also involved in the Delphian eLearning group which “specialises in learning innovation and thought leadership, mobile learning research, digital content development and strategic planning for interactive, engaging learning.” We discussed that students who start school today will enter the workforce in 2025. As educators what do we need to do to ensure they do so successfully? How can we make learning relevant to them and how do we plan for powerful, active teaching and learning to take place?

The workshop focused on the following questions:
– how can mobile devices be used to support learning?
– what are te issues in integrating mobile devices?
– how can the iPad as a device foster creative, student centered learning?
– what is good practice in K-12 schools?
– what are good integration strategies?

Cecilie took us through several examples of research based projects that she herself had been involved in that centered around mobile technology as a means to improve and drive student learning outcomes. We alsop looked at relevant documents such as the latest K-12 Horizon Report, which sets a benchmark so to speak in discussing emerging technologies and embedding these in to educatioal practices.

The document attached Strategic Plan was also discussed as a great tool, to assist teachers and schools to implement Mobile Technology. The planning steps cover 4 key areas and is a great document to lists the who, how and what of mobile technology integration.

The workshop involved great discussions about what we as educators had done so far in integrating mobile technologies and primarily what were the challenges we had faced. I had mentioned that an issue that we were facing was the syncing of over 120 iPad devices with applications for our 1:1 Prep iPad Program in 2012. Technically speaking we can sync all devices to one account, hence paying for the app once however as we know, this is against Apple’s terms and conditions. With educational app volume licensing not yet available in Australia as yet (or so i believe) this will mean purchasing al app’s 120+ times! Something to think about!

We discussed also which iPad app’s were of most use for teaching and learning purposes and Cecilie was kind enough to share 2 great little videos that she had come across. These are embedded below.

More of Cecile’s documents can be found via her website for Delphian eLearning HERE!

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  1. Thanks so much for this post Corrie. It is a great reflection as well as a resource for other. I would also like to congratulate Cecilie on her winning the K-12 and President’seLearning Awards.

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