Continuing w/ Second Life!

This morning i continued my quest with my Yr 9 students in using Second Life, or SL, for their learning. I can honestly say the work that the students are producing is outstanding and as their teacher i was very impressed with their work ethic today.

Recently we’ve been using SL as a means to learn and engage with what Paris, the place, not Hilton, would have looked like in 1900. As you may have read from the following Blog Post, students have been accessing the ‘Paris1900’ island in SL, which has been created to demonstrate what Paris would have been like throughout this time.

Students have been walking, flying and even driving around the Island and viewing all of the famous Parisian landmarks that are available to them. Examples of these include the Eiffel Tower, Le Arc de Triomphe, The Moulin Rouge, and the Notre Dame.

Students have also been blogging about using SL themselves and what they have found so far about being in an accessing a Virtual World.

Once the students have completed their tasks i will be sure to share them with you!

I have also attached a SL Task that students were also asked to complete explaining the issues associated via living in a real world to that compared of a virtual one and the effects that using Virtual Worlds can have on unsuspecting people.

Virtual v Real


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