I’m Back & Loving It!


After a 2 week layoff, i am finally back at work and ready to smash through all that comes my way! I plan to be methodical and organised and get the things I need to do, done promptly and efficiently! I hope!

This semester see’s me continue in my role as eLearning Coordinator for my College focusing on our 1:1 MacBook Programs, our DEECD iPad Trial, and coordinating a Prep Digital Literacies Initiative.

This semester will also see me teaching several Yr 9 classes, (or Discoveries as we call them), which are all ICT based and focus on a range of areas. These are- Stop Motion Animation/Claymation, Game Based Learning and an… ‘ambitious’ Discovery titled ‘A Second Life’, that will see students using Second Life and their Avatars to investigate various humanities based topics! The issue at the moment is that Second Life itself is failing to launch through our Server and Proxy settings! Quite frustrating!

So… it has been great to see staff at the College beginning to use Technology in many ways already and some staff really pushing the boundaries with what can be done! Using iPads for Students Assessment and Role Marking through the Grade Me App, a Yr 9 Class using Angry Birds to explore concepts in Physics, Mass, Weight, Flight, Trajectory and more! We have all our P-2 classes using IWB’s for their intended purpose, their interactivity, and our Prep’s using iPod Touches to develop their Literacy Skills!

One major project, which i am hoping to ‘finalise’ so to speak, is to have all students in the College accessing the Ultranet! The next phase of this Grand Plan is to have all P-5 students up and running and looking at the Ultranet and its capabilities! Our Yr 8 teaching team are pushing the Ultranet hard and some great Collaborative Learning Spaces are beginning to be created! We also have staff creating even more Blogs and Wikis for their class to showcase all of the wonderful things it is that they are doing!

I look forward to keeping you informed re: all the great ICT things that are happening as well as making a more conscious effort of sharing the great resources i come across with you!



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