Game Creation Finalised!

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This afternoon several of my Yr 9 students submitted their Video Games which they’d been working on. For a first up effort i think that they have done considerably well, as they had zero coding/programming knowledge and all software they used was entirely new to them.

I have embedded 4 of these games below, and i’ll aim to add more to this post as they are submitted!

In the end these students decided to use GameSalad, which we’ve found to a be a great Game Creation Tool. It also looks as though GameSalad themselves have undergone a ‘facelift’ and are pushing HTML5 as the main Programming Language, which is great to see on my end, as HTML5 is supported by iPads!

Below is a video from GameSalad, which explains the GameSalad Arcade:

So… i/we, hope that you enjoy the games below! Thanks for playing them!

Note: The games that have been created will only work in the Safari Web Browser. As i’ve mentioned GameSalad is solely dedicated to Mac so it’s been a great fit for us!

Charlie Sheen Fighting his Habit!

Alien Conquerors

Basic Shoot ‘Em Up

Space Shooter


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