Game Creation in Yr 9

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On Friday I took our second last session for Game Based Learning with my Yr 9 class. They have in recent weeks been working feverishly and putting in extra time and concentration, to ensure they complete their Games. It’s been no secret to myself that they’ve been finding this subject quite challenging, however, they have attempted to create some outstanding games!

I decided to interview 5 of my students and ask their thoughts/ hear their explanations on what they had created thus far, (which you can view below). All students that were interviewed, bar 1, are using GameSalad to create their game. I apologise for my ridiculous voice and the even more ridiculous questions that I ask my students!

After next weeks final class I will hopefully be able to share a link with you all to the games that the students have created and give you a greater insight in to what they’ve been working so hard on!

I will also interview several students from the other Games Based Learning Class and share with you what great little games they have also created.


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