GTA 2011!

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Well. What an experience. An experience filled with such wonderful learning opportunities in so many various ways.

From my last post you may have gotten the hint that i was somewhat ecstatic at being selected to attend the Google Teacher Academy for 2011. The fact also that it was the first GTA of 10 so far, being held in Australia, and the second to be held outside of the U.S. made it all the more special.

For those who are unaware of what the Google Teacher Academy is, in a nutshell, it’s an opportunity for educators to be involved in a wonderful learning experience relating to al things Google and how all these things… ‘Google’, can assist teaching and learning. Both on a personal and whole School/College level. Those who attend the GTA then become GTC’s, or Google Certified Teachers. The Mission statement of the GTA summons this up very well:

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At the beginning of the day, and also prior, (actually we were warned, several times) warned that we needed to be ready to be hit full on, with a day in which we would be covering a massive amount of content. Hit we were! The day was jam-packed full, covering all of the major Google tools and resources with a group of dedicated ‘Lead Learners’ (Google Certified Teachers who had obviously outstanding content knowledge of the Google Tools and Resources and who were also wonderful people to meet and get to know!) The 54 participants (most whom are located below in this great photo),

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whom had been selected to attend GTA 2011, and this gave each and every single person in attendance the chance to meet, network and collaborate, which was extremely powerful! You can see from the map below just where all 54 members had travelled from!

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The whole day was planned with intent and purpose in with the GTA Team it’s Mission Statement (above) with flying colours. The talk and chatter that occurred throughout the day was phenomenal. Interactions between people who’d never met, people who had only met via a PLN such as Twitter, and those who’d actually met was outstanding. To see all these great educators collaborating with the tools they had been shown to them truly was a credit to the day and the leaders involved.

Here is just a few of the things that we covered throughout the day and as i said, just a few… 😉

  • Google Apps: Education Edition
  • Google Books
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Docs
  • Google Earth
  • Gmail
  • Google Maps
  • Google Mobile
  • Google News
  • Google Reader
  • Google Search
  • Google Sites

It was however the first activity that we had to complete for the day that really made me think about my own teaching, my own personal learning journey, and education and teaching in general. The activity was named, aptly…

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For this great activity we were asked to “Think of the best example of innovation in education that you can”… The catch (as there always is…) the innovation that you think of cannot involve technology! No iPads, Laptops, Mobile Technologies. Nothing ‘techie’ what so ever! I can surely say that this threw me! Not an easy task! We had time to think about this, share this with our team, and share this with the rest of the GTA team! A great question to have a think about yourself! The answers that were shared by the GTC’s were amazing! Topics ranging from Learning Design Spaces, to the workings of the Human Brain and it’s development and understandings to the thinking curriculum! Many and varied answers, just what you’d expect from so many varied educators!

If i were continue down the path of telling you all that i’d learnt and what i’d gotten from attending the GTA, we’d both be here for some while. I will finish with this, and that being, attending the GTA for 2011 was a learning opportunity that i will never forget. The tools, resources, people and setting all made for such a remarkable day.

Thank you to all those who attended to help make this such a great professional learning experience. For those who’ve ever though about becoming a GTA, those who’ve never thought about becoming a GTA, or those simply interested in Google and what it has to offer, i encourage you to complete the application process and join this great community of educators who have a passion for learning!

One last thought or statement which came from GTA and a great one at that:

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  1. Nice summary Corrie – it was great to spend such a event with you and the 52 others.

    This is on my experience check list as a major highlight.

  2. Great blog post Corrie – the photo is a very blurry one – my fault for bringing my son’s cheap camera! I think I spot you by the “g”.

  3. How wonderful! Lucky you. It sounded like a fantastic opportunity. I look forward to learning more from you and the others who attended.

  4. I was thrown by the question about education innovation without technology too! Makes you realise how much we identify educational innovation with technology. I haven’t written anything about the GTASYD experience yet because it’s too hard to summarise the one and a half intensive days!

  5. This was a nicely focussed piece Corrie. The opportunity to work together was a highlight for me. Students positioning as more central to learning was identified as the greatest non tech innovation by our group. Tech innovations that help student contribution become most valuable as a result perhaps.

  6. Great clear thoughts there Corrie. I too immensely appreciate your last point, focus on the student… We can’t lose sight of this! Great Post

  7. Great summary! Was great meeting you. I’m trawling through my copious notes trying to make sense of it all…so much to process and then apply!

  8. Hi Corrie,

    I enjoyed reading your reflections about this wonderful event. It was great to meet a fellow “Geelong-ion” at GTA! Look forward to hearing about developments at your school.


  9. It was great to meet you and all the other GCTs at GTA Sydney Corrie. I couldn’t agree more with your observation that a complete account of the learning provided would mean we’d “be here for some while”! It was an extraordinary fire hose dosing of information the like of which I’ve not encountered before. It’s a credit to the GTA that most of that information is now available online to anyone with an Internet connection. Mind you, anyone hoping to digest it all will need plenty of time for their attempt.

  10. I was thrown by the question about education innovation without technology too! Makes you realise how much we identify educational innovation with technology.

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