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This evening i held my second ‘Tech Day Thursday’ for the staff at my College based on the 3D Animation software ‘Kahootz‘. This software was developed by the Australian Children’s Television Association and allows students to “…to create amazing stories, inventions, habitats, games, movies and soundtracks.” The great thing about the Kahootz software is that students can create all of these things in a 3D Environment.

In a previous school i had used the Kahootz software very successfully with various year levels ranging from year 1 students to year 6 students. I had students creating digital stories, animation based recounts in literacy, and the beginning of 3D game creations.

The sessions i held for staff last week and then tonight, were about introducing them to the features of the Kahootz software and how to use it themselves. We looked at importing worlds and objects in to their expressions (animation files), how to swatch these worlds and objects (change colour and background appearance) as well as how to move and animate the objects placed in a world and the world itself.

The third session that i will hold on Kahootz will demonstrate to staff how they can utilise Kahootz within their classrooms. How they can use this software to compliment the already great things that they are doing by incorporating this great ICT software.

The Kahootz site, linked above, contains excellent teaching resources which can be used with students of just about any age, which is another great feature of this software. Once students have completed their expressions and animations they then have the ability to export what they have created as an AVI or MP4 file to be viewed as a movie so that their work can be easily shared.

If you are not a Kahootz user, i encourage you to take a look at this software , which can be operated on both Mac and PC systems.

2 examples of work that i have completed with year 1 students are below. The students were asked to create a world in which they would like to visit, and these two examples, are a small snippet of what was created! Very interesting! (They are small files as when originally exported they were a little too large to embed)… None the less, Enjoy!

Ben’s World

Travis’ World


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