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Recently my year 8 students have been writing Narrative based stories with a focus on the horror genre. We had spent quite a bit of time in class discussing what makes a horror story and the features that are needed to be included to give the audience that sense of fear. We investigated traditional horror literature as well as film and what made the examples we looked at ‘scary’? What was it that classified them as a horror genre?

Once the students had completed their Narratives we wanted to take their narrative to another level. The one idea that came to the forefront was from our wonderful College librarian, Tye, who suggested students create their own book trailers. What a great way to involve ICT skills in to a literacy lesson. It was interesting to notice that all of my students had never seen a book trailer before, however all were familiar with movie trailers! Surprising? Hardly. 😉

Tye ran through with the students several excellent, and not so excellent, examples of book trailers. We spoke about and discussed the positives and negatives of the trailers that were viewed as well as what features of them made them great, and not so!

From here students moved forward by storyboarding their own Book Trailer ideas by selecting the main points, plots and happenings from their narratives. Students had to think hard about what visual images were going to be placed in their trailer, what backing music was to be included, if any as well as any special effect sounds. Once i was happy with the storyboards that the students had created they were then asked to create their trailer. Students were also given the responsibility to move throughout the College to film as well as create their own sound recordings if they wished. Students were also encouraged to create their own music via Garage Band as to not have any issues of Copyright.

The result… EXCELLENCE! Having viewed book trailers which had budgets of $13K, i am most proud to say that what my students created were outstanding!

I encourage you to view these trailers for yourself! You can find what has been uploaded so far on Tye’s Blog, The Book Gryffin. Click on this link ‘Student made Book Trailers‘ and away you go!

Thanks and happy viewing!


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