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Last night i had the opportunity to Present at the ICTEV (Information, Communication Technology Education Victoria) Conference for the Wyndham Network along with a fellow Staff Member, Honey, our Yr 5 Team Leader.

As we currently have an iPad trial running at our college, http://manorlakesvicipadtrial.global2.vic.edu.au/, we had the pleasure of presenting about this Trial and how to implement iPads in to a teaching and learning setting.

The presentation was packed out which was wonderful and as the night progressed we received great responses and questions from the numerous people who attended, who were looking at integrating the iPads in to their school setting.

The 3 fundamental aspects of the iPads which we have found at our College that have driven student learning have been the following:

1. iBooks App,

2. The ability to access the Web on the go,

3. The thousands of Applications which are available for Teaching and Learning purposes.

The shift needed in thinking was also discussed. A change in the links between Pedagogy – What is powerful Learning and what promotes it? Curriculum – What is purposeful to Learn? Assessment- How will we know it has been learnt?  These three concepts were instrumental in how we as a College viewed the thinking that was needed. One key decisive comment, if not THE comment, that drove and drives our iPad trial as well as 1:1 MacBook Program is that it is the Teacher who drives the learning, not the iPad, or the MacBook or the device. These machines are exceptional tools to assist learning, however they are not what makes the difference, it is the Teacher themselves.

Once the presentation was completed it was great to receive strong, positive feedback from those who attended. The presentation which was covered, you access for download as a PDF, can be found at: http://slidesha.re/96Lfcu



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